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Educational advertising done right ;)

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*purposely drop something in front of my crush*


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come to me nowfor us there is no tomorrow

come to me now
for us there is no tomorrow

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Khun Chai Puttipat Episode 5- My Thoughts

I’ve watched about 5 episodes of Khun Chai Puttipat, and I’m actually surprised at how much I like this show.

There’s a lot going on with IngOng and her kids being rotten to the core, BuiBua kissing up to Pinpat, Pinpat being gross and lecherous, and his wife just sitting back and watching all of this happen.

There’s so much to talk about in this show, because there are so many people involved one way or another. Chauputet brothers are cute and playful with each other and you all know how much I love friendships. The fact that they’re all siblings just makes it all the sweeter.

The grandmothers are just as annoying as I remember from the first part, but with 2 of the 5 brothers happily married, the pressure is on to get Puttipat married to Marathee, and they keep trying to force him to spend more time with her. Even without Kaew, they wouldn’t end up together, because Marathee really doesn’t have the same values that Puttipat has. She doesn’t respect the hospital or patients, ready to be mean and dismissive to anyone “below” her, and she only wants to impress the grandmothers with her fake cooking skills instead of being honest. Of course this wouldn’t be a lakorn if she just gracefully bowed out, right?

I like the progress that this couple is making. Not very fast, but the sparks are flying between Kaew and Puttipat. He is getting closer and closer to admitting his feelings, no matter how hard he tries to resist her attractions.

I foresee a few problems with the other doctor when he finds out about them, because I can tell that he likes Kaew, but hopefully he won’t be a complete nutcase about the whole thing.

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Watching dramas has made me so jaded. When bad guys get hurt/killed I used to shake my head and say stuff like ‘damn shame, if only you had been a better person or made better decisions things may not have turned out this way’

But NOW I just sit back and silently smirk at their surprised expressions like ‘haha bitch, that’s what you get’

I feel kinda guilty about it. Does it make me a bad person?

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Neverland Series - Portrait of the Wild

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