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Just finished ep 12 of ‘Fated to Love You’

I thought i was prepared since i’ve already seen the tw version, but with the new twists, i wasn’t ready for the feels…Big Boobs are not always a good thing: see why 

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had the day off on friday and now everything feels weird

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This is the only challenge I can do…

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the first time in 2 years we get to hear the leader saying their greeting

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Darcy Bot Malfunction~

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Just finished watching Taemin’s ‘Danger’ and I think I’m gonna have to let this one marinate in my memory bank, because I’m honestly not sure if I like the song. He looks great though.

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Please!!! I encourage anyone who follows me or sees this to sign this petition. My city is under a lot of distress right now for this wrongful doing. Here is the link to sign the petition…

see this makes more sense, wouldn’t do shit but here the government HAS to look at it

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Life is like a film; it always has a happy ending and if there is no happy ending, then that means that the film is not over yet.

Om Shanti Om (2007), dir. Farah Khan

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Taemin, like a good wine ^^

the left picture is 2008 i am still in shock